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by Rachelle Kemp on March 2, 2018

The location, speakers, and vendors have changed for the 2018 Turf Care School to give you a better experience! We are heading to Las Vegas March 7-8 to learn about real and artificial turf marketing, install and maintenance, so franchisees are ready for all services related to turf. Registration is now open! Read more to find out about other technical training scheduled for 2018.

SiteOne, BioTech, and Carter Construction and formed a team to present everything your company needs for proper installation, maintenance and marketing turf. SiteOne is providing the location at 4175, W Dewey Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89118 and is graciously providing lunch both days.

Bio Tech is planning to introduce new products that help maintain a healthy soil, turf and pond water. These products are being formulated for The Grounds Guys as I type this article. I am excited that the franchisees will have options in providing services that would drop the jaws of most competitors.

Real turf will include varieties that cover the U.S. and Canada in addition to the fertilization, pest identification including diseases and bugs, plus proper mowing heights and general maintenance to increase the health of the turf.

Carter Construction is our vendor for artificial turf and they will give our franchisees everything they need for knowledge in marketing, pricing, installing and maintaining the new highly demanded service for 2018. According to Landscape Management magazine the mostly sought out service for 2018 are lighting and artificial turf. Get a jump on your competition and attend the Turf Care School!

Hotel is your choice in the great city of Las Vegas! Lunch is served leaving you time to explore the city for entertainment and dinner in the evenings. The cost is $50 per attendee. Review the event agenda and register now to attend at:

Additional Technical Training This Year

The next technical training school is set in July for the Holiday/Landscape Lighting with the how-to for measuring, estimating, ordering, marketing, and installation. The goal is having this school in the far northeast to pick up our greatest populated areas that have missed this school the last two years. This is a perfect way for income before snow hits or to keep your guys busy during the slower months in the south.

Of course, we need Snow School to educate our fellow franchisees in the proper safety, equipment and know-how for the “white gold” that some are lucky to service for their clients. This has been a popular school for several years and Dave continues to bring more education and new pieces for the franchisees.

Our final school for the year will most likely be in Ohio again with AM Leonard. They did an awesome job of hosting our Pruning School and we will add hardscape/softscape to it for 2018. This includes plant and pest identification, and some hardscape education with more hands-on than in years past.

It has been my experience over the years that hands-on is the favored method of learning the tasks and how-to for our industry. The classroom portion is important, and it will not be skipped, however, the physical aspect of the technical schools brings everything together. We are looking forward to offering our four schools this year to help the franchisees better serve their clients.

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