BrandBuilder Highlight: Neighborly/Neighbourly Launch

by The BrandBuilder Team on April 1, 2017

Unsure of how to navigate the BrandBuilder site, or have any questions about how to locate your material? The Site Resources page consists of Video Tutorials as well as Quick Guides to help train you on all things BrandBuilder.

The new Neighborly/Neighbourly brand has officially launched! Drive awareness and educate your customers on the local services that your company has to offer under the new umbrella.

The Neighborly/Neighbourly logo has been added to each brand’s logo to ensure that customers are aware of the new brand roll-out. As well as the logo updates, you will notice that the current materials on the site are now Neighborly/Neighbourly compliant.

DG-GUY-NeighbourlyTag-CA-0217.jpg DG-GUY-NeighborlyTag-0117-05.jpg

To locate the new updated materials, simply follow the instructions listed below:

To locate training materials on the Site Resources page, follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to GroundsNet

2. Click on the BrandBuilder icon in the "Custom Links" panel

3. On the BrandBuilder site, click "Search Materials"

4. Within the Keyword Search bar, type Neighborly or Neighbourly to locate your co-branded pieces.

If you need any help during this process, simply give our Support team a call at 855-378-9120 or send an email to

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