CareerPlug Update: Q4 Brings Amazing Results

We recently received our results from CareerPlug for Q4, and we’re extremely pleased with them! Learn more now.

  • Total applications: 161,661 vs. 126,806 in 2018
  • Service Professionals only applications: 121,968 vs. 82,762 in 2018 (47 percent increase!)

The difference between applications received from the PRO version of CareerPlug compared to the Basic version was staggering, with 117,718 from the PRO version versus 4,250 Basic version.  This shows that investing in CareerPlug PRO version, even if you think you will only need one employee in 2020, is a wise decision. You want the best applications, right?

We also had a chance to review the titles used to hire a service professional. One of the brands used 69 different job titles for basically the same technician position. Here is an example of a title that didn’t work without giving away the brand – “(job position) Ninja Wanted.”  This clever title received 0 applications.  In some instances, I saw the same title used with hundreds of applications and other times with 0 applications. While the title is certainly important, I believe the difference is in the body of the ad.  For instance, applicants like to see a general dollar amount they can expect to make. It’s easy to do this by simply saying, “Our best techs make over $ X per year!”  Remember, all you are trying to do is get the person to complete the application.

The best way to accomplish this remains the same. Send a text immediately when you get the “fast track” results back. 

  • Fast track should only have four questions
  • You should immediately send a text to the applicant letting them know that you are very interested and here is the next phase of your process
    • Having your CSR in charge of the process will improve your process

You’ve seen the word “process” a couple times here.  While I was at the Leadership Summit, I talked to many Top Gun franchise owners and asked how they liked CareerPlug. Every person I talked to did. In almost every situation, they talked about their process. Having a process is extremely important. These steps should be in the same order with every application, and include:

  • An immediate text back to the applicant explaining what’s next
  • The link for the assessment included in the text (If you’re using one of the 13 assessments)
    • Speed is so important in the hiring process with 3.5 percent unemployment in the country.
  • A quick 15-minute phone interview once they complete the assessment
  • A face-to-face interview invitation
    • Interviews conducted after active hours and on Saturdays are magic for applicants working for someone else. Make it convenient for them to interview with you.
      • One of the franchise owners I talked with has a formal “career day” each Thursday. A couple of the technicians are part of the presentation.
      • Another franchise owner has the applicant come to his office at 7 a.m. when all the technicians are getting ready for the day. The applicant spends the first hour just hanging around the technicians, asking them questions, seeing the interaction before the applicant meets with the franchise owner at 8 a.m. This also gives the technicians a chance to give the franchise owner a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” in the process when it comes to wanting to work with someone.
    • Having your CSR send a text with directions to your office is a good idea. It reminds the applicant of the meeting and reinforces that the president of the company, the franchise owner, is taking time out of his very busy day to meet with them.  Always conclude by saying, “The president is excited about meeting you and talking to you.”
  • Background checks are important. You don’t want an employee going to a customer’s house if they have issues. Remember, it is a litigious world.
  • Make the offer, get their approval, and hit the “thumbs up” button in CareerPlug. It will record how quickly the applicant has moved through the process.

Questions on any of this? Reach out to your Franchise Business Coach (FBC) today to help you in any of these areas.

Mark Liston Signature

Mark Liston, Director of Special Projects for Neighborly

Mark Liston, Director of Special Projects for Neighborly

Mark serves as the Director of Special Projects for Neighborly



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