2019: A Record Year for CareerPlug

We recently received our results from CareerPlug for Q4, and we’re extremely pleased with them! Learn more now.

The final numbers are in for CareerPlug! Take a moment to review the results and let this platform work for you.

  • 674,522 total applications from CareerPlug (Up 40 percent from 2018)
  • 505,891 total applications for service professionals (Up 24 percent from 2018)
  • 46 percent increase of those franchise owners using the Onboarding App
  • 39 percent increase in hires using CareerPlug
  • 785 ghost accounts (21 percent decrease)

For Q4 2019, here are the results:

  • 121,968 applications for service professionals. This was a 47 percent increase from 2018.
  • 161,661 total applications. This was a 33 percent increase from 2018!

My point is simple – CareerPlug really works! However, everyone must use it correctly. Let me give you a couple of examples:

  • In Q4 in one brand we saw 6,591 applications for service professionals for those franchise owners who were signed up on the PRO plan. Those on the basic plan only received 23 applications.
  • Another brand received 8,892 application for service professionals; only six for those franchise owners using the basic plan.

I cannot, and probably will not, understand the 785 franchisees who chose to not even sign up for the basic plan – which is FREE. I just attended a couple of Regional Meetings for a few of the brands and when the question was asked about who needed a service provider to start out 2020, I think EVERY hand shot up. Yet, 785 franchisees choose not to even sign up.

The other shocking figure I see is the number of franchise owners who don’t respond to applications by text. We’ve seen the figures that texting an applicant is 60 times more effective than sending them an email. When a job applicant gets an immediate text from a potential employer, it says they are interested in them – it’s magic!

Texting an applicant after you receive their application, especially those using the PRO plan with Fast Track, isn’t something “nice” to do; it should be considered mandatory.

In 2020, we are going to have a bigger focus than ever on tracking who is using all the tools in the RARE Toolbox. 2020 can be a great year for hiring and retaining employees. We simply MUST choose to do the basics in every situation.

Mark Liston Signature

Mark Liston, Director of Special Projects for Neighborly

Mark Liston, Director of Special Projects for Neighborly

Mark serves as the Director of Special Projects for Neighborly



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