Franchisee Spotlight: Josh Talley

by Dianna Worthington on September 1, 2017

Each month, we will shine a spotlight on one of our franchise owners who is growing and improving their business. This Q&A format is intended to share real stories, encouragement and best practices to help others in The Grounds Guys’ network. Josh Talley owns The Grounds Guys of Helena and Bozeman and has some great insights into having a successful business. 

Question 1: What was your initial motivation to purchase a The Grounds Guys (GUY) franchise?

Josh: My motivation to buy into The Grounds Guys' concept was the Dywer Group. I believe in their Code of Values, and felt that they had the systems in place for me to grow a build the company that I wanted.

Question 2: What has been your favorite part of being a franchise owner with The Grounds Guys?

Josh: My favorite part of The Grounds Guys is the networking and availability of resources. If I have question or need help with something there has always been answers. There are not very many companies out there that when you need help you have industry leaders at you disposal. 

Question 3: What do you believe are the three most important characteristics of a successful GUY franchisee?

Josh: The three most important thing to me are:

  1. Believe and embrace the systems that have been developed. Live by the Code of Values and integrate them in your company.
  2. Take care of your team members as they are the backbone of your company. They are on the front line and engaging with your customers daily.
  3. Put your customers first and always try to meet their needs. Customers will help grow your business quicker than any other form of advertising.

Question 4: What are your Keys to business success and personal success? 

Josh: The first thing I would say to my success is that I am not afraid of change. The business world changes fast and you have to be willing to change with it. I also have wanted to grow my company quickly and I take calculated risks without the fear of failure. 

Question 5: What advice would you offer to GUY zees with less than five years in the GUY network?

Josh: With less than five years in the business, I would recommend finding your target market and penetrating those areas. Driving sales with having quality people in place to help you achieve that. Use the systems in place and talk with other successful franchises. 

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