Franchisee Spotlight: Gary and Jamee Fouts on Implementing GGPro

by Dianna Worthington on June 5, 2018

This month’s franchisee spotlight includes a Q&A-style interview with Gary and Jamee Fouts, owners of The Grounds Guys of New Lenox, in Illinois. They shared their feedback on implementing GGPro and offer advice to others.

Fouts familyQuestion 1: What was your mindset or approach when faced with migrating over to a new software platform?

Answer: Nobody likes to change, but we knew when looking into LMN, that this was a program that could take us will into the future. I also knew that with my team in place, I would have a lot of help with the conversion. 

Question 2: How have you and Jamee divided and conquered the specific tasks necessary to learn GGPro?

Answer: We are blessed to have a team of six to help with this undertaking. Jamee and one of our sales team worked on the budget, our two sales consultants tackled the estimating process, Jamee and myself along with our office assistants then worked on all the LMN time implementation. We’ve been in business since 1991 so our list of clients was quite extensive. We basically just followed the assignment Franchise Consultant Dave Holmes gave us each week, and worked on it inch by inch.

Question 3: Have you fully adopted all functions within the program? Were there any major hurdles to jump to get there? 

Answer: We have implemented everything except the payment systems and some of the reporting which I believe The Grounds Guys is still working on. As for the hurdles, there were many hurdles, early mornings, late nights and even some tears.  With anything in life that is worth accomplishing, you will have hurdles.

Question 4: How do you foresee GGPro changing areas of your business in regard to efficiency and profitability?

Answer: Once we have it 100% up and running, our reports will be much more accurate and time sensitive which will then allow us to make quicker decisions to better our company by knowing what is and is not working.

Question 5: What would you say to other The Grounds Guys owners who have not yet reached the finish line with full adoption of GGPro?

Answer: I will not say this is easy at all.  Depending on the size of your company, this is a major undertaking.  Just take small steps and you will eventually get there. Rely on your franchise consultant for help and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

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