Franchisee Spotlight: Matt Long

by Dianna Worthington on December 4, 2017

This month, Matt Long, owner of The Grounds Guys of Huntsville is our featured franchisee spotlight. Matt recently secured the largest contract in The Grounds Guys' history and he shared some insights about that process, Neighborly and more in a Q&A format.

Matt Long Team Pic.jpgThe Grounds Guys of Huntsville Team

Dianna: What best practices can you share about securing bids and the importance of persistence? You
recently secured the largest bid in The Grounds Guys’ history!

Matt: Our contract story started when the customer contacted us over a year ago! They wanted to know more about us and asked if we would be interested in responding to their bid request for quote (RFQ). Our team set up a lunch meeting and the journey began. Here’s what I think helped us ultimately win this bid/RFQ, which resulted in being awarded a three-year contract:

  1. We got to know the customer and found out what issues they needed to solve. This step really helped us build a rapport with them. It took about six months before the RFQ came out and but during we stayed in communication with the customer during that entire time.
  2. Once it was time to complete the RFQ, we used the resources from the franchise to present a professional bid. Work with your franchise consultant and lean on The Grounds Guys Nation when given opportunities to participate in these type of RFQs.
  3. Understanding the scope of work is essential so the bid is prepared in accordance to their needs. Along with the bid, we shared our strong message of being a locally owned and operated company with a national presence.

Dianna: As a franchisee since 2014, what has been your favorite part of being in this business?

Matt: With me not working directly in this business, I love working behind the scenes with our
young team and watching them grow and learn the business. My wife and I have been blessed beyond
measure and we want to be able to help our employees achieve their goals in life and have a career
with The Grounds Guys. To sum it up we want to give back to people through the business.

Dianna: What do you believe are the three most important characteristics of a successful The Grounds Guys’ franchisee?

Matt: The people on your team, managing and measuring the numbers and having a customer-focused

Dianna: Please share your experiences from the Huntsville, Ala. Neighborly cross-marketing test and
your suggestions for other owners about this opportunity:

Matt: I think the Neighborly cross-marketing efforts was a boost for all the brands’ franchises. We will continue marketing together in our area to brand Neighborly. The Huntsville Alabama owners are an awesome group of people to work with. I encourage everyone to build a rapport with the other brands in your area. Everyone can benefit by doing this and Neighborly is the best thing Dwyer Group has done!

Dianna: What is your customer mix – commercial / residential? Do you offer any additional services?

Matt: Our mix is 50/50 commercial to residential. We also provide landscape/hardscape, chemicals, and
Christmas lighting.

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