GGPro Phase Two Update

by Dave Holmes on February 10, 2018

We are riding a wave of success with GGPro! Our initial phase of the rollout is over and we are now working on Phase two. This is the “working in and getting used to GGPro” phase. 

From the company setup to the budgeting to the estimating to the scheduling to the field use of the mobile app to the audit of the data flowing back, each business is working towards setting up and mastering the processes and nuances of this powerful software program.

Our team is encouraging a sense of urgency to get everyone set up, engaged and proficient in all of the steps mentioned by the time spring rolls around.  For some of our businesses this means only a couple weeks whereas those farther up north are battling snow and will have more time to set up and master all things GGPro.  Please take time and work directly with your franchise consultant to evaluate where you are in your company’s competency from the Setup through the Audit process.  This will establish your time line and sense of urgency to get the remaining processes mastered in time for the Spring rush.

Remember that GGPro is a tool that is only as good as how you choose to use it.  Use it as it was developed and to its fullest to get the greatest benefit from it.  Your future business profitability relies on it.  For those who want to be elite, anything less than 100% proficiency is unacceptable!  Do you want to be elite?

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