GGPro’s Next Phase and March 15 Deadline

by Dave Holmes on March 2, 2018

How time passes quickly when you have your head down and are focused intently on your priorities! It was only 10 weeks ago that we celebrated our first GGPro milestone. Our team had onboarded over 90% of our brand onto GGPro in just seven weeks. That was over 180 businesses who were formally trained and given access to our new software! We have another milestone approaching soon!

Next GGPro Phase

This next phase is to have everyone in The Grounds Guys’ network to be fully trained and competently using GGPro by March 15, 2018. That means using the system from Setup to Budgets to Leads to Estimates to Job Setup to Scheduling to the Mobile App to the Labor and Billing Audit. Many owners are very close to meeting this goal already, which is amazing since it feels like we just completed Phase 1. There are still two weeks remaining until we reach this important deadline, so please work closely with your franchise consultant to identify your progress toward meeting this deadline. Plan on spending time working over the next couple weeks to make sure this objective is achieved – your business success depends on it!

GGPro Final Phase

Once you are competently met the goal of using GGPro, you will begin the third and final phase of your GGPro learning experience! This last step should only take you one to two weeks to learn and master. It is the invoicing, receiving payments and QuickBooks Online (QBO) sync process.  Wouldn’t you know it – it’s just in time to meet our big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG) of completing onboarding, training, coaching, mentoring and mastering all things GGPro by end of first quarter, 2018!

While the past 17 weeks have been a little trying, stressful, confusing, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating and humbling, from my vantage point, I am very impressed! I am impressed with franchisees and your teams for pushing through the challenges of learning and mastering this new software! I am impressed with the support we have received throughout our Dwyer Group family as we drive this home! Most of all, I am impressed with the dedication and commitment that our Operations team has committed to this endeavor. I have been involved in the rollout of many initiatives such as this over the years, and being part of this one is very special. To be able to get to where we are today is HUGE (as President Trump would say!).

Before we pat ourselves on the back and start partying, we need to finish what we started. Let’s keep pushing and encouraging others so we can proudly celebrate 100% adoption and use of the GGPro software system! Your business profitability depends on using this system completely from start to finish, so get focused on the prize, buckle up and join us as we drive this to the finish line!

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