How’s the Ad Depot Creative Platform Working?

by Natalie Walker on August 6, 2018

We are almost two months into using our new Ad Depot creative platform powered by Office Depot! Almost half of you have logged-in to see what marketing creative is available and several orders have been submitted. We have collected feedback from users so far and have enhanced the platform and pricing since launch. Find out how it's going, how many creative pieces are on the platform and some sample pricing for local marketing assets!

Owners are loving Ad Depot! If you haven't yet logged in, you can easily access this portal by logging into your FranConnect account and simply clicking on the “Ad Depot” icon, as a single sign-on link.

The Grounds Guys’ library of over 300 pieces, including but not limited to, business cards, recruiting materials, shop signs, door hangers, yard signs, and more!

Here’s some helpful pricing for your reference:

  • Business Cards = 100 is $16.52; 250 is $17.40; 500 is $19.20
  • Doorhangers = .20/DH
  • Yard Signs = $5.75/sign
  • Postcards = Range for size and quantity, around .37/card
  • Brochures = .81/brochure
  • Folders will be available in the coming weeks with amazing pricing: .65-.75/folder
These prices include free, fast shipping!

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