Website Form Submits Now Allow Customers to Upload Images

by Natalie Walker on April 4, 2018

Effective today, customers have the ability to upload a photo with their online service request! This option will help customers better communicate their service needs and will help The Grounds Guys’ more clearly understand the work being requested. Read more to find out how offices will receive leads and how to follow up!

Image Upload

Web Leads

As with other web leads, an email will be sent to your office. You can access the image in addition to the standard information collected so you will have a better understanding of the customer’s needs when you call them back.

Image Upload Email

This new option is an upgrade for the customer’s online experience as well as for owners to be more prepared to recommend needed services before arriving to perform the estimate. Think of the advantage you will have by having additional details to help research pricing and necessary materials before completing the estimate. This enhancement will also help schedule an appropriate amount of time for appointments. A picture is worth 1,000 words and a home owner will not likely articulate what a skilled owner can gain from the visual.

Managing Photos in GGPro

Save the images from the emailed web form on your computer, and then go into GGPro and create a customer for the lead, as usual. Go to the “File” tab within the customer’s file and upload the image to their files. This way the photo is always in the file for that customer.

We are excited about this new feature which will enhance your customers’ experience and your ability to prepare for an estimate and close more sales!

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