National & Local Neighborly/Neighbourly Updates

This month, we’re highlighting local Neighborly cross-marketing efforts. We’re excited about the great success franchisees have seen in areas where networks are growing. We’re also excited to test new opportunities to spread the word about Neighborly with customers, while supporting more cross-marketing initiatives at local owner meetings across the country.

The Neighborly Project – Jacksonville, Fla.

The deadline for nominating a veteran for The Neighborly Project in Jacksonville, Fla., has been extended until Sunday, April 15. Watch the promotional video for this project to see how Neighborly brands in Jacksonville will work together to make a difference in a military veteran’s life. For more information about The Neighborly Project or to nominate someone who lives in the Jacksonville, Fla., area, click here.

Huntsville Media Test Achieved 149.2% ROI!

The Huntsville Media Test was a collaborative effort launched with local owners in Huntsville, Ala., from August to November 2017. Franchisees combined their resources to position themselves better in the local market using Neighborly. The Dwyer Group worked with the franchisees to deploy 25,000 magnet direct mailers in the Huntsville area that generated tremendous results. Local franchisees also distributed 3,000 additional magnets. Click here to take a look at some of the results.

Home Shows Making Big Impact Locallyhome show image

Franchisees have found partnering with other Neighborly brands at your community’s next home show is the perfect way to put your brand in front of thousands of people while saving time and money. And we’ve made it easy for you with the Neighborly Home Show Package available from Just Imagine Exhibits! Click the link to find out more about how to rent, purchase, and leverage this booth package. 

Neighborly Spring Giveaway Campaign Resultsspring giveaway

During the month of March, we launched a spring services campaign to increase account sign ups and brand awareness for all brands. We used a combination of video and still images on the Neighborly, brand and local Facebook pages to promote the campaign. We’re excited to report that during the month, we’ve generated 266 new Neighborly accounts, 1,132 sessions of referral traffic, 52 new Neighborly Facebook page likes, and reached 131,955 people - all of whom will be introduced to our community of professionals throughout the year.

Marketing Playbook

The Marketing Playbook is the perfect tool to bolster your Neighborly efforts locally. This book will help you neighborly playbookconnect with your brand neighbors, gain customers and create a synergy that leads to system-wide growth. Click the link to download the Marketing Playbook

Boost Neighborly Marketing with These Three Steps!

  1. Vehicle Decals: Use the Neighborly/Neighbourly vehicle decals.
  2. Magnets/Leave-behinds: Replace current magnets and leave-behinds with the new Neighborly materials. For more information on magnets, click here to read last month’s Neighborly update.
  3. Emails: Ensure you and your team collect accurate customer data.

We look forward to working alongside you to nurture and grow the Neighborly brand!                                                                                                            

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Derrick Biggs, Neighborly® Brand Manager

Derrick Biggs, Neighborly® Brand Manager

Derrick is the brand manager for Neighborly. He is a former Captain in the US Air Force and holds a brand and marketing strategy MBA from the University of Minnesota. His experience spans over 16 years in leadership, marketing, operations innovation, and customer service.



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