April Marketing, Facebook Recruiting & A Contest

by Barry Marusak on April 1, 2017

This month's Marketing Message includes March marketing materials to showcase The Grounds Guys' abilities to help homeowners "Sell Your Home Faster."  Tips for posting jobs on your local, business Facebook page and a contest for owners' local marketing materials is also included.

The April Marketing Message features services and projects to help homeowners "Sell Your Home Faster." This month, our content highlights the following projects to boost curb appeal:_SMPosts-SellYourHome-Intro.jpg

  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Planting fresh flowers
  • Adding mulch 
  • Bed edging
  • Power washing

To access the U.S. and Canadian versions of “Sell Your Home Faster” content, visit FranConnect/GroundsNet Libraries. In addition to the scheduled social media posts, feel free to promote seasonal videos from The Grounds Guys’ You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GroundsGuys/videos

As always, if you have suggestions on services or topics you'd like to see in upcoming marketing messages, contact me at: marketing@groundsguys.com

Use Facebook to Recruit New Employees!

Looking to ramp up for the spring and complete your team? Facebook now has a “Jobs” section where local businesses can post openings and applicants can browse for jobs.

Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/jobs

 Utilize these marketing materials for recruiting:


FB recruiting.pngAs always, let the marketing team know how we can help you! Marketing@GroundsGuys.com

Mass ‘Mounts o’ Marketing Material

As a franchise network, we value what our franchisees bring to the table. We are now running a “Best Of” contest for our franchisees. We want to see your BEST marketing material that you have had created locally. The power of our franchise lies within our franchisees.

Contest Rules: One piece of marketing material = one entry into the contest

(Example five pieces of marketing material = five entries)

What’s in it for you? The franchisee(s) that win will get: A very cool branded gift (trust me, you’ll like it)

Our team at the Home Office will analyze every piece of marketing material submitted and vote on what piece(s) we think are best for the network.

All entries can be emailed to Barry.Marusak@GroundsGuys.com. The contest cutoff will end on April 24, 2017. The results will be posted in May’s LawnOrder e-newsletter and on Chatter. The more participation we get, the better!

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