Marketing Update: Q2 Results, Win $1000, Website Update, and More

We have lots of updates for you this month! Read now for our Q2 results, website form updates, our "Mow Pics, Mo' Money" Instagram contest, and more.

2020 Q2 Marketing Report

I'm pleased to share The Grounds Guys' 2020 Q2 Marketing Report. This presentation outlines second quarter performance of the national Marketing, Advertising & Promotions (MAP) Fund. Click the image below to view the report:

Website Form Updates to Improve Lead Experience 

To improve your customers' experience online, we are transitioning pricing from the lead form experience. Instead, if you are currently featuring pricing on your website, it will now be featured on a local website page under the “About” section titled “Lawn Care Prices.” This update will be made August 31.

We anticipate this optimization and standardization of the existing lead capture form experience should increase the amount of online lead conversions. By creating a seamless experience for online users, it will:

  • Reduce the amount of clicks it takes for the user to both find and fill out the form
  • Increase the amount of leads you should receive due to a seamless and quick experience 
  • Consolidate three forms into one, minimizing user confusion and creating consistency

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

 Instagram Contest - Mow Pics, Mo' Money

It's that time of year once again! We're excited to kick off our second-annual "Mow Pics, Mo' Money" Instagram contest beginning September 1 through October 1. 

Our Instagram Best Practices Document is your guide to successfully completing this challenge. The franchise owner who posts the highest quality images from their Instagram page to their website photo gallery will win a $1,000 credit in Xpressdocs!

The Mow Pics, Mo’ Money contest highlights the functionality of your website’s photo gallery.
This feature will help improve your search engine optimization (SEO), Increase brand awareness, and give you a place to show off your work to potential customers! Reach out to your Local Marketing Specialist Keith Sims at to get started today! He will create your Instagram page and help you get it linked to the website.

Look out for more information on this contest soon, and mark your calendars for September 1 - October 1!


Increase Your Route Density With Turnkey Package Program

Reminder! Implement local marketing strategies through an easy, “one-click” experience with our 2020 Seasonal Package Program. This solution allows you to execute local marketing strategies consistently all year, with necessary materials all in one place.

These packages include print and digital assets, along with an implementation guide complete with clear instructions of how to use. To get started, you will only need to purchase the packages, provide customer lists or targeted routes for mail, and track each lead with correct Referral Types and tracking lines to calculate your return-on-investment (ROI).

The Core Services Package Kit is an all-year campaign to ramp up your recurring maintenance in specific neighborhoods. With the fall season right around the corner, consider the new Fall Services and the Holiday Lighting Package Kits.

Package Kits Available Now in Xpressdocs: 

  • Core Services Package Kit
  • Spring Cleanup Package Kit
  • Mulch Package Kit
  • Fall Services Package Kit
  • Holiday Lighting Package Kit
  • Coming Soon: Snow & Ice and Winter Services
Here are all of the Implementation Guides on FranConnect. Follow three easy steps to complete your campaign today!

If you have any questions, reach out to Natalie Walker at

Update from Shane Lewis, Director, CRM and Marketing Automation, Neighborly (US Only)

As the Neighborly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team continues its focus on the Neighborly “Own the Home” initiative, additional emails focused on modernizing the home will be sent during the next two weeks.

These campaign emails will offer tips and ideas for updating a kitchen and adding home automation. The blogs included will show homeowners what could be updated in their home while encouraging them to turn to Neighborly brands for all their home service needs. Emails include:

  • Email one, scheduled to send the week of August 3, provides blogs on upgrading the kitchen cabinets and adding a new kitchen backsplash on a budget. A “Find a Pro” button connects homeowners with the Neighborly brand who can service their needs. Click here to view the email. 
  • Email two, scheduled to send the week of August 10, focuses on home improvements by adding automation to their home. This email features two Neighborly blogs about home automation gadgets like thermostats and smart doorbell features and benefits. This email also features the “Find a Pro” button to connect a customer to our Neighborly brands. Click here to view the email.

All these emails feature various Neighborly brand services as well as contact information to connect with a Neighborly brand if a homeowner needs a hand.

Occasional Neighborly Customer Surveys 

As part of our Neighborly marketing efforts, we periodically survey our Neighborly customers to gather opinions and feedback. The data gathered is utilized to help the Marketing team create effective campaigns and materials based on customer input. In order for these surveys to be effective and credible, they are sent randomly to various markets and customers from all Neighborly brands.

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Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys



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