It's Not Too Late to Win $1,000!

Have you participated in our Mow Pics Mo' Money contest yet? You could be leaving $1,000 on the table! Plus, learn more about fall and winter kits in Xpressdocs, as well as recent changes to our website form.

Mow Pics Mo' Money in Full Swing! Don't Forget to Use Hashtags to Qualify!

Our annual Instagram contest is in full swing! We've loved seeing your awesome photos! Don't miss this chance to win a $1,000 voucher for Xpressdocs. 

IMPORTANT: Owners MUST use the Hashtag System to ensure that all photos flow from Instagram to the website! All relevant hashtags are located on the Instagram Best Practices Document. This will be your guide to what hashtags you should include on your Instagram posts. This is a crucial step for your photos to be added to your photo gallery. Reach out to Keith Sims if you have any questions about the contest, or to create and link your Instagram page.


Fall and Winter Marketing - Ensure You Meet Your Sales Goals! 
Fall is here and winter here! If you haven’t started your Fall marketing campaign, now is the time. These package kits are available on Xpressdocs to help you build density in the areas you want to focus on and gain leads! See below for our recommendation on promoting each service with these kits. 
o Holiday Lighting: August – October
o Fall Services: August – October
o Snow Services: November – January
o Winter Services: November – January
Click HERE to watch a webinar that outlines when and how you should be marketing for the Fall and Winter season. Learn the steps you need to take NOW to get your marketing campaigns started. Feel free to reach out to Keith Sims if you need any assistance with strategic planning or implementation.

Website Form Updates to Improve Lead Experience 

To improve your customers' experience online, we transitioned pricing from the lead form experience. Instead, if you are currently featuring pricing on your website, it is now featured on a local website page under the “About” section titled “Lawn Care Prices.” This update launched September 8.

We anticipate this optimization and standardization of the existing lead capture form experience should increase the amount of online lead conversions. By creating a seamless experience for online users, it will:
  • Reduce the amount of clicks it takes for the user to both find and fill out the form
  • Increase the amount of leads you should receive due to a seamless and quick experience 
  • Consolidate three forms into one, minimizing user confusion and creating consistency

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

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Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys



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