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Read for more on our new lead nurture campaign launching in January, create your local marketing plan and sign up for our Local Connect email program. Plus, view a Google core update and the communications and PR materials now available to you!

New Lead Nurture Campaign Launching in the New Year (US Only) 
We are excited to introduce a new lead nurture campaign that will officially launch January 1, 2021. The purpose of this campaign is to support lead communication and maintain top-of-mind brand awareness to leads requesting an estimate who hasn’t booked service yet.

Campaign Overview
The Grounds Guys Lead Nurture campaign will be used to target US Residential leads. When a new lead is created in the system, they will receive their first email 2 days later if no job is scheduled. If the lead does not schedule a job, they will receive their second email on Day 4. The final email, if no job is booked, will be sent on Day 14.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the fields in GGPro I need to ensure are completed to include my leads in this nurture campaign?
    To ensure you are gaining all the benefits from this campaign, continue utilizing your CRM section of GGPro correctly with entering valid emails addresses, updating "Type" to reflect their status of "Lead" versus "Client," and appropriately assigning jobs to the correct contact. As long as you continue these best practices, you will be reaping the benefits of having more touchpoints.
  • When will this campaign be sent out?
    Starting January 1, 2021, this campaign will launch and continue to be an ongoing triggered campaign.
  • If the lead calls the number on the email, where will it route them?
    The phone numbers on the emails are tracking lines to ensure we can track how many leads are re-engaging. The number routes to the national call center and a notification will be sent via email to the franchise owner. 
  • What happens to the lead after Day 14? Will they receive any more communications?
    The lead will not receive any additional communication for this campaign after Day 14, unless they resubmit their information at a later date and start the process over. 
  • If I am already managing my leads, why are we sending these communications?
    We believe that by adding a touchpoint, we can help improve brand awareness to encourage the lead to keep The Grounds Guys top-of-mind.

CLICK HERE to view campaign examples.

LocalConnect Email Program

If you're looking for a quick and easy solution for keeping your customers engaged via email, the LocalConnect email program is for you! Sign up by the end of the month to receive your first month free! To learn more, view our 2021 Marketing Updates and Planning webinar recording: CLICK HERE.

With the new year right around the corner, make sure you have your 2021 marketing plan completed as soon as possible. Please reach out to your FBC or Keith Sims to get started in the Local Marketing System!

Google Core Update

Google frequently updates its algorithm with daily changes in order to improve search results. Most are not noticeable, but several times per year they will publish when they are making a Google core update. A google core update is more significant and can effect search results as changes are broad. Google rolled out another core algorithm update that began December 3rd. The full rollout will take one to two weeks to complete. The Digital Marketing/SEO team, along with our vendor partners, will be keeping an eye on brand analytics and will track the data for any significant changes. We expect to have a better idea of any impact by late-December/early-January and any additional steps we should take if necessary.

With any broad core Google algorithm update, it is difficult to predict the level of impact and at times there appears to be none. Note, it is more likely that Google’s upcoming May 2021 broad core algorithm update will result in bigger shifts, as Google has provided a 6-month lead time ahead of the change and has explicitly stated what the algorithm update will be focused around: Core Web Vitals (site speed) +  Mobile Friendliness—two areas we are keeping top of mind for 2021.

Communications and PR Materials Now Available

As promised, the Communications and PR team has prepared useful resources for your local PR efforts. These materials can be found on FranConnect in the library in a folder entitled “PR/Communications Resources." Be on the lookout for new materials and templates in the coming months as we build a robust library of materials to assist you in your local media efforts.

Here is a list of the current materials available for you to download:

  • COVID-19 Crisis Communication Guide
  • COVID-19 Crisis Communication Checklist
  • Marketing Super Session: How to Use PR and Crisis Management
  • Marketing Super Session: Recording link
  • Local ORM Guide 11-2020
  • Neighborly Brand Boilerplates
  • Neighborly Local PR Toolkit & Best Practices Guide
  • Templates – coming soon!

We encourage you to use these materials for your local PR and crisis management. CLICK HERE to access these resources in Franconnect. 

For more information or assistance, please reach out to  Andrea Gaul, Communications Manager, at

If you or one of your employees is confirmed to have COVID-19, please let us know immediately. Contact your Franchise Business Coach as well as the Neighborly Director of Communication and PR, Kimberly Denman, at Please refer to the materials below for best practices. 

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Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys



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