Meet Your Sales Goals with Fall and Winter Marketing

Now is the time to capitalize on fall marketing opportunities! Read today's article for some great ideas. Plus, register for our upcoming marketing super sessions! 

Capitalize on Fall Opportunities by Keith Sims

Fall is a great season for landscaping businesses. Every fall, we experience an increase in seasonal consumer demand for things like landscape planting, fall color, seasonal displays, turf renovation and lighting, just to name a few. Are you prepared to capitalize on these opportunities? Let's take a look at each one.

Most landscapes require a renovation after five to seven years. This update is one which is predictable by need and received well by our customers when we bring it up to them. Who doesn’t want their landscape to look better than their neighbors? Go out there and look at your customers landscapes. Make recommendations that will enhance the beauty of their landscape.

If you look closely, you will be able to identify in those same neighborhoods where your customers live, there are upgrades like this already happening. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is a wave that every opportunistic landscape company should take advantage of. You just have to look for it.

Fall Color
It’s a given that fall color in beds, pots and baskets improve the aesthetics of often drab landscapes. The most notable fall plant additions are mums, kale, and pansies. But don’t forget other plants that produce beautiful fall colors in the landscape. A blend of reds, oranges and yellows make for a fantastic display of fall color.

Reddish: Burning Bush, Scarlet Oak, Virginia Creeper, Boston Ivy, Dogwood & Red Maple
Orangish: Smoke Tree, Service Berry, Sugar Maple
Yellowish: Ginkgo, Black Maple, Aspen, Birch, Tulip Tree, Hickory, Red Bud

Seasonal Displays
People often decorate their homes in the fall for three occasions: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This presents an opportunity for us to help with their outdoor displays. Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales, evergreen roping and wreaths are the most common things people will set out in their landscapes to decorate their homes for these events.

Farmers' markets and local nurseries offer a great place to pick up these items. Many homeowners either don’t have the time or the vehicle to transport these items home. Take advantage of the opportunity to help decorate your customers' homes with seasonal displays. It can be a fun fall money maker for your business.

Holiday Lighting
The obvious one here is lighting. Not too long ago, Marcus held Holiday Lighting school. You really should consider offering this service to your customers. This is a higher margin service that has a peak demand at this time of the year. There isn’t any reason I can think of as to why you shouldn't offer this as a service to your customers and neighborhoods you service.

Extend your inside outside with lighting. Landscape lighting is something that is often overlooked. Lighting up the outside landscape offers better security and a better appeal to the landscape at night. Whether up lighting the home and trees in the landscape or installing path lights to help guide you when using outside walkways, a home with landscape lighting is more inviting. It is known that adding landscape lighting increases the value of a home.

There are many services you can provide a homeowner or business during the fall season. You don’t have to go too far to find demand for one or more of these opportunities. We recommend you focus your marketing attention to these services by updating your Pay-Per-Click and Local Services Ads Campaigns to highlight these keywords, defining your campaigns to target when customers are looking for you. Visit Xpressdocs to locate our Fall Package Kits, and also check out the Fall Implementation Guide in Franconnect. Use SOCI to market these services through social media. Putting emphasis on areas where demand is anticipated or already active is key to maximizing the marketing dollars you are spending. Revisit your Scorpion dashboard and GGPro to perform ROI evaluations. Make this a part of your regular talking points with your FBC. Put your money where it works best for you.

With a little effort and some investment, you too can capitalize on consumer demand and drive profit to your bottom line. Do this now, because before you know it, the season will change, and winter will be upon us. As my mom used to say, “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can or should do today!”

Don't Forget! Meet Your Sales Goals with Fall and Winter Marketing
If you haven’t started your Fall marketing campaign, now is the time. These package kits are available on Xpressdocs to help you build density in the areas you want to focus on and gain leads! See below for our recommendation on promoting each service with these kits. 

o Holiday Lighting: August – October
o Fall Services: August – October
o Snow Services: November – January
o Winter Services: November – January
To watch a webinar that outlines when and how to market for the Fall and Winter seasons, click HERE. Learn the steps you need to take NOW to get your marketing campaigns started. Feel free to reach out to Keith Sims if you need any assistance with strategic planning or implementation.

Brian Best's Digital Roadmap Update

During Neighborly United, Brian Best's Digital Roadmap Update didn't play correctly. Click the image below to view the presentation now, and be on the lookout for more presentation links in a Neighborly United recap email soon. 

Neighborly United Marketing Super Sessions + Scorpion Session

We hope you were able to join us for our first super session on public relations and crisis management. If not, a recording will be available soon.

Join us for three more jam-packed super sessions with tons of practical marketing takeaways for all Neighborly brands. Hosted by leading Neighborly marketing teams, these super sessions will provide real-time, actionable tactics you can immediately apply to your local business.

October 14, 2020 from 1-2 p.m. CT: Introducing the New Local Email Program
Introducing the new Neighborly Local Email program for Franchise Owners. Topics will include how to sign up for the program, program costs, supporting documentation and a demonstration of the Launchpad application, which enables franchise owners to email their own customers.
Registration Link:

October 21, 2020 from 1-2 p.m. CT: Boost Your Local Marketing with Pay-Per-Click
A panel of digital marketing industry experts will discuss why PPC is a critical part of your marketing mix, and share their best tips on driving great results from your PPC campaigns.
Registration Link:

October 28, 2020 from 1-2 p.m. CT: How to Engage Your Customers with Social Media
With over 70 percent of consumers using social media to make purchase decisions, building a strong social media presence is a key component of local marketing. Learn top tips from a panel of social media experts on how to engage your local social media audience, generate comments and reviews, and make a positive impression on prospective customers.
Registration Link:

October 16, 2020 at 1 p.m. CT: Branding with Advertising - Hosted and Led by Scorpion
We will discuss the importance of brand awareness and the options we have to maintain brand awareness in the digital space.
Registration Link:

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Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

Natalie Walker, Brand Manager, The Grounds Guys

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