Neighborly’s Social Media Customer Win-Back Program

We’re excited to announce another opportunity to elevate our level of customer service! We’re calling it the “Social Media Win-Back Coupon”. As of right now, the corporate office will use our existing Neighborly coupon to invite unhappy customers to try out our services one more time. Not only should this increase our customer retention, but it helps us understand their pain points so we can continually serve them better.

How Will It Work?

On rare occasions, our social media team might receive a negative rating or message on our corporate Facebook and Twitter pages from a dissatisfied customer. The team works closely with Operations to resolve these unhappy experiences and respond to each one individually.

Moving forward, the social media team will take this process one step further! After resolving concerns, they will reach back to the customer via private message, send a Social Media Win-Back Coupon, and ask if they’d be willing to update their negative rating to a four- or five-star rating.NBLY-Coupon-218.jpg

Take a look at the US and Canadian Neighborly coupons.

U.S. Coupon (shown at right)

Canadian Coupon

What Does This Mean for Franchise Owners?

This entire process is designed to be effortless for our franchisees and managed entirely from the corporate office. For now, there will not be a promo code; however, franchisees should process Social Media Win-Back Coupons the same way as other promotional coupons.

Here are some of the finer points of this campaign at a glance:

  • This campaign is only for social media
  • Each brand’s social media coordinator will send coupon at their discretion
  • This is distinctly separate from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) win-back campaign
  • This coupon should be processed the same as other coupons currently used

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to the Marketing Department at

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Derrick Biggs, Neighborly® Brand Manager

Derrick Biggs, Neighborly® Brand Manager

Derrick is the brand manager for Neighborly. He is a former Captain in the US Air Force and holds a brand and marketing strategy MBA from the University of Minnesota. His experience spans over 16 years in leadership, marketing, operations innovation, and customer service.



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