Partnership with One Biotechnology: New Green Products

by Dianna Worthington on November 5, 2018

We have a wonderful opportunity to be the leaders in the Green Industry, and have partnered with One Biotechnology to offer truly green products to our customers. One Biotechnology is a leading producer of beneficial microbial cultures. Since 1996, they have partnered with fellow Neighborly brand, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, to manufacture an environmentally-friendly drain line and septic system maintainer. Now, they are going to assist The Grounds Guys' franchisees grow your bottom line with products that enhance your business. 

From Michelle Hogan, National Sales Director, One Biotechnology:

We enjoyed meeting so many of you at the Reunion in September and discussing how your business and our businesses are a perfect fit. We cannot wait to partner with you, and train your teams online, to make you superstars on these products. You’ll learn how the products work, what they do, and how they can help you and your team provide the best products and services to your customer, for the best results. 

With these beneficial bio products, you will stand out by offering products that complement what you already do each day:

MicroGrow:  A microbial soil amendment designed to enhance plants and turf’s overall well-being by improving nutrient uptake to the plant and by helping plants to develop robust root systems by facilitating new growth, increased root hair and larger root growth.  This translates into healthier, greener yards and stronger, more robust plants!

Clean-Choice:  a microbial solution that clears the sludge out of ponds and lagoons and helps to make the water clearer by degrading organic components in the water and sludge. Clean-Choice uses its special mix of microbes to speed up the breakdown and digestion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and cellulose. This leads to improved water quality and clarity in lakes and ponds. 

Bio-D:  A unique microbial composting product, that is used to accelerate the composting process by degrading organic wastes. It accelerates the natural decomposition process.   Our unique blend of bacteria operates especially well in high heat conditions that occur in compost piles.  Bio-D breaks down organic material faster and more thoroughly

Synthetic Turf Treat:  A patent pending product that contains 2 steps:  1) sanitation with a specially formulated sanitizer that will kill unwanted microbes; and 2) treatment with a concentrated, natural probiotic designed for degrading organic contaminants, such as food, beverages and bodily fluids, in synthetic turf and infill.  This is an important product as synthetic turf becomes more prevalent and where few quality maintenance products are available.

One Biotechnology Products

For questions about the product and to schedule training, please contact Michelle Hogan or Kyle Victor at (800) 951-4246 and to place orders, please email

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