Next Milestone Goal to Fully Implement GGPro Coming Soon

by Dave Holmes on April 4, 2018

Congratulations to those who have adopted and demonstrated competency using GGPro! Demonstrated competency in the system means completing all steps from the beginning setup to budgeting to lead management to estimating to job setup to scheduling to using the mobile app to finally performing the time sheet audit. 

This has been a huge undertaking and has required much of your time, attention, effort and patience.  We realize this and thank you for staying as committed to it as we are!  Many of you are already experiencing the benefits of this comprehensive and powerful business management tool.

Our next step to adopting this system is teaching owners how to create invoices, receive customer payments and sync your data to QuickBooks Online (QBO) using GGPro. The Home Office team’s goal is for you to be invoicing, receiving payments and using the QBO Sync fluently by the end of the third week in April. A select group of franchisees has worked with our team recently to organize and develop some learning tools for this phase of the process. We hope these tools will help get you across the finish line. 

Action item: please reach out to your franchise consultant to gain access to these tools and to start your final journey in the GGPro adoption process! 

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