Operations Update: Shout Outs, Snow School, and More

by Operations Team on August 6, 2020

Check out this month's Operations Update for franchise owner shout outs, virtual snow school, a Canadian website update, and details on our Penn Foster live demo this Friday. 

Shout Outs for Stephen Demler and Danny Cane

"This month's shout out goes to Stephen Demler, whose work ethic reminds me of a short Jim Rohn quote: “Success is steady progress."

Stephen is in his ninth month of business and, in some months, he’s already experiencing positive numbers at the bottom of his P&L! I attribute Stephen’s success to his steady approach of:

  • Following his marketing plan; proactively communicating with GG marketing and Scorpion
  • Utilizing GGPro and monitoring budget versus actual hours with his team
  • Focusing primarily on residential and securing additional work from those customers
  • Utilizing a bookkeeper to give himself more time for sales and operational activities
  • Being actively involved in a networking group
  • Asking questions and consistently following up with his FBC
  • Involving himself in his community
  • Exemplifying the Code of Care with his customers and team
  • Leading by example with his team
  • Focusing only on what he can control
  • Remaining positive
  • Turning problems and challenges into opportunities

In a nutshell, Stephen is positive, steady, and committed to the systems.  Looking forward to his future success and contribution to the brand. Good job, Stephen." 

- Gaynelle Baum

"I want to give a should out to Danny Cane in Fremont, Ohio. Danny is a sharp young man who bought an existing The Grounds Guys business. He has overcome some early missteps and some big obstacles. As a result of his perseverance and coachability, his business is beginning to thrive. It has not been easy, but Danny listened to his FBC and applied himself. Today, he has good crews that go out and work every day. Danny is reducing debt each month and his business is now growing. Danny has a great outlook and is excited for what his business is becoming. I'm super proud of how well Danny responded to adversity and his commitment to building a strong business!"

- Russell Hall

Mark Your Calendars - Virtual Snow School Event September 24 and 25
By David Holmes, Franchise Business Coach

We are pleased to announce our virtual Snow School in September. This year we will hold a two-day event that will take place on Thursday & Friday, September 24 and 25, from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST. There will be ten 25-minute sessions over this two-day event. We have a group of awesome speakers who will talk on various topics such as the State of the Snow & Ice Industry, Marketing for Snow Services, Snow & Ice Insurance, Operational Logistics & Account Management, Equipment Maintenance Best Practices and Using Liquids for Deicing. Included in each day will be a panel of your peers that we like to refer to as the “Panel of the Pros.” They will share their best practices and advice to those who attend this great event. More details about this event will be provided in the coming weeks. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our virtual Snow School.

Canadian Update
By David Holmes, Franchise Business Coach 

It's official! Canadian websites are now updated and live. Our franchise owners have been given access and training to the updated website and the Scorpion dashboard. This exciting accomplishment was a long time coming and we are excited to get North America onto the same website platform.

From a year over year perspective, our Canadian franchise owners experienced a lower than expected winter revenues due to milder weather. Add to that the COVID-19 challenges and there was a hole to climb out of. The great news is Canadian franchise owners have collectively rebounded and are showing a 6% year over year increase in revenue. This trend is expected to continue as they focus on a healthy 13%+ year over year revenue growth target. Keep pushing on boys, the game ain’t over!

We are pleased to announce that CBRE has asked us to extend their Infrastructure Ontario contract through October 2021 and we have formally accepted this offer. This will be the 5th and final year for this contract. Congratulations to those who serve this contract. Your commitment to this contract and The Grounds Guys brand is much appreciated.

We have recently added Douglas Dynamics to the Canadian PTN options. They are the parent company to strong and reputable Snow & Ice equipment brands. SnowEx, Western and Fisher are all under the Douglas Dynamics umbrella. Please reach out to our Douglas Dynamics rep as you plan for your upcoming winter season.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to the following for leading the way towards our Canadian top line growth this year. Thank you guys for leading the pack!

  1. Derek van Stralen => 143% Growth
  2. Scott Santia => 111% Growth
  3. John van Stralen =>  84% Growth
  4. Tom Shipper =>  60% Growth
  5. Luke van Stralen =>  55% Growth
  6. Derek Dexter =>  32% Growth

Upcoming Weekly Webinars + Join Us This Friday for Penn Foster with Marcus Holmes

As you know, for the remainder of 2020 (with a few exceptions), we will hold weekly training webinars on Fridays at 1 p.m. Central Time (CT). During weeks we have other events, such as Business Training Week, we will not have a webinar. Each webinar will be promoted separately by the presenter on Facebook and Franconnect. If we need to adjust topics throughout the year, we will communicate that as soon as possible. We look forward to having an awesome year of learning and sharing of best practices. Please help us communicate our weekly webinars with your fellow franchise owners.  

To view an updated 2020 Webinar Scheduleclick here.

This Friday, August 7 at 1 p.m. CT: Penn Foster Kickoff and Live Demo with Marcus Holmes 

The agenda will include: 
  1. What is Penn Foster and what they offer our franchise owners.
  2. Live Demo.
  3. Questions with Drew Fuhrmann, Managing Director.
We look forward to seeing you all!



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