Operations Update

This section contains best practices for 1) CareerPlug, 2) Lead Flow Management, and 3) Sod Installs, Specialty vs. Non-Specialty and Audits. Plus, read for support team changes, a Reunion agenda, and more on our Neighborly decal contest!

Operations Best Practices

1. CareerPlug 

While reviewing the latest stats in our CareerPlug portal, I found several things noteworthy to share. First, our “average time to contact” applicants has increased from 7 days to 8 days over the last three months. This is surprising, as I have heard many stories about the labor shortage causing production problems in the field. It has been proven that applicants will either move on or find work within a two-day window if there has been no follow up from a prospective employer. Second, our average days to hire, 25.86 days, is too long. People will not wait this long for a job when they are looking for work. The 157 hires from 10,385 applicants validates that both “average time to contact” and “average days to hire” are most likely shrinking our best opportunities in capturing new talent. If we cannot respond quickly enough to those interested in working for our company, we must consider having someone run point on this activity. For the full report and information on Applicant Sources and Hired Applicant Sources, click here.

2. Lead Flow Management

It's been a couple of months since our lead flow data has been pushing into GGPro as a “to do,” and there are a few best practices to ensure our customers receive a “Remarkable Experience." First, our call center’s process is to create the lead by utilizing our CES platform. (You can also access the CES platform by clicking the single sign-on link in Franconnect.) CES allows them to see the services you offer, time of operation and best person to receive the lead. If you have not accessed CES to refine your settings, please speak to your Franchise Business Coach to complete this task. The call center will select an appointment time, and this will show up in your email. However, the customer is not aware of the appointment time. This must be selected in order for the data to flow forward in the system. You must call the customer and set the appointment time.

Second, it is the responsibility of each owner to ensure your leads are being handled with a timely response. Our standard is a 24-hour turn around to call and schedule an appointment for estimate. If you are unable to fulfill this operational standard, it may be time to hire a CSR to help manage your office administration. 

Third, you will have noticed that all leads arrive as a “new customer,” even if the caller is a current customer or returning customer. The nature of our relationship with LMN disallows us from programming certain areas in the data fields. As a corrective measure, we have instructed our call centers to add language to the “notes” in our “to do’s” indicating the if lead is a current or a repeat customer. The best practice to follow here is to clean up the leads in your data base as they arrive.

Finally, ensuring we have a robust CRM for local marketing and for Neighborly cross-branding, make sure all customers have an email address included with their information. Our franchisees do rather well with email capture, as this is one medium we use robustly in our customer communication. Our intent is to continue to monitor lead-flow within GGPro to ensure the data arrives in a usable format and is managed in a responsible way for marketing and communication purposes.

3. Sod Installs, Specialty vs. Non-Specialty and Audits

We have discovered a coaching opportunity to re-learn how to report Sod Install revenue on Monthly Sales Analysis reports, as discrepancies have bubbled to the surface.  To be clear moving forward, please note the description below when reporting on these jobs:

“Replacement of sod, whether commercial or residential and whether small scope of work or total replacement, will fall under Core Services.  New installation of sod, whether commercial or residential, in a space where sod previously did not exist, will fall under specialty services.”  

If you have not been reporting accurately, please note as of July 1, 2019, all jobs misreported previously will not be penalized if an audit of your business occurs. Any misreporting after July 1, 2019 will be subjected to review and payment should an audit of your business occur.

If you need further clarification, please speak with your Franchise Business Coach.

Operations Support Team Change

It's with joy and sadness we congratulate Eric Brown on a well-deserved promotion to Glass Doctor as Director of System Development. Eric has been a great contributor to our Grounds Guys team and an excellent support to our franchisees. He will be missed.

With Eric’s promotion on the horizon, we had time to be thoughtful in looking for his replacement. We intentionally set our sights on recruiting a seasoned Franchise Business Coach and have successfully found the right fit for our team and our brand. We are pleased to announce Janie Little as our new Coach for the Mid Atlantic region, starting June 17th. Please click here for Janie’s Bio.

Reunion 2019 - Two Months and Counting!

Are you ready to break some boundaries?  "Breaking Boundaries" is our Reunion theme this year and we're laser-focused on leadership development throughout our agenda! If you want to learn how to “grow up” the Tiered Business Model to the next level of growth and grow as a leader, we have the right sessions for you! Our main room meeting agenda is also packed full of powerful information, sprinkled in with a celebration of you and your accomplishments and rounded out with a nice dose of "Fun in the Process." We're looking forward to seeing you in a few short months!

Reunion 2019 Breaking Boundaries Agenda

Get Neighborly and Get It Right Contest
As you read in last month's eNewsletter, we're running a contest for The Grounds Guys franchisees that will impact your top line and bottom line and could also save on Reunion costs next year. As our brand transitions to the Ambassador Logo (Add “a neighborly company") to all our marketing material, we must include our trucks and trailers in the transition. If you have an old logo on your vehicles, this contest is for you (owners who signed contracts January 1, 2018 or later, are not eligible). Owners who have already made the transition are eligible to enter this contest.

How it works:
Send a photo of your fleet to your Franchise Coach with each truck and each trailer photo visible with correctly approved branding and each vehicle/trailer will represent a single entry in the contest. (Ex: You submit 5 trucks and 5 trailers – potential to have 10 entries if correctly branded photo is submitted to your FC). The contest will run through July 31, 2019 and all entries will be put in a drawing to be held at Reunion. (You do not need to be present to win.)


  • 1st place - Reunion 2020 registration (2 people) and hotel (3 nights) paid
  • 2nd place – Reunion 2020 registration (2 people) and hotel (2 nights) paid
  • 3rd place – Reunion 2020 registration (2 people) paid
  • 4th place – Reunion 2020 registration (1 person) paid

Why it works:
By collectively marketing the Neighborly/Neighbourly brand through your truck and trailer mobile billboard, the Neighborly tagline will improve local exposure for brands, create sustained impressions and offer a cost-effective method to market Neighborly in your neighborhoods. We have seen that a multi-brand customer (defined as a customer who has hired 2 or more Neighborly brands) spends 4.5x more than single-brand customers across our system. This allows for us to focus in quality lead generation while creating a connection for customers to recognize us as a part of the Neighborly family. The additional leads will impact your topline and the cost savings on marketing will impact your bottom line.

How you make it happen:
Take a look at The Grounds Guys Decals Flowchart to understand which scenario your trucks and trailers may fall under. This chart will provide you approximate prices and next steps in accomplishing the goal of “Neighborly-izing” your fleet. The decals are available from Traffic Graffics, and you can click here to email Jessica Romano directly to start this short and easy process. Within your email, please include: Year, Make, Model of each Truck and Trailer and pictures of all four sides of each to streamline. You can also call if you prefer, 210-493-3400.

In most cases, add the Neighborly tagline for $20 or less per vehicle.

For more details regarding pricing, see the following Flow Chart.

View our Neighborly Decals FAQ sheet here. 


Dianna Worthington, Director of Training, Neighborly

Dianna Worthington, Director of Training, Neighborly

Dianna is Director of Training at Neighborly. To reach her, email dianna.worthington@nbly.com.



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