Operations Update: Company Culture

A strong company culture is one of the top competitive advantages in any service-based industry, and the landscaping industry is no different.

To create company culture that everyone buys into takes a long time and very hard work. Most importantly, it takes persistent and dedicated leadership, which starts with treating others as we would like to be treated.

As business owners, you lead every day and touch so many lives: from your own families, to your employees and their families, to the customers you serve. Having a cornerstone for leadership and creating a life-changing company culture is the key. That cornerstone is our Code of CARE and Code of Values. This is what separates your business from the competition. Creating company culture is not an overnight process, but here are some ways to implement it successfully:

  • Implementation needs to come from you as your company's leader.
    • Recite the Code of CARE during HUDDLE every morning
    • Have the Code of Values and Code of CARE posted in visual places in your shop
    • Add the Code of CARE or Code of Values on marketing materials, such as on the back of your business cards
  • Spend time educating and explaining the importance of Code of Values and Code of CARE to your team on a regular basis. Your team needs to know why they're important so it doesn’t become a ‘tick the box’ process when reciting or referring to them. Acknowledging everyone as right from their own perspective.
  • Use the Code of Values and Code of CARE when tough situations arise and you need to address them with your team members, customers, suppliers, etc. Having a positive and helpful Attitude goes long way.

Great results come with great company culture. We have many franchise owners that have been reaping benefits of the culture that they created with their team based on the Code of CARE and Code of Values.

  • When it comes to employee hiring and retention, people want to work for a company that treats them well and cares about them, beyond just doing the work. In other words, treating everyone and everything with Respect.
  • When it comes to customer acquisition and retention, it's important to put Customers first, as they care about who is servicing them and what the company stands for. When a company culture is in place and communicated, price becomes less of the decision-making criteria, especially for our target customers.

Let's continue building and growing a footprint of our culture The Grounds Guys way. By living our Code of Values, we Enjoy life in the process!



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