Operations Update: LMN Updates & 2019 Regional Meeting Information

Are you registered for a regional meeting? If not, check out the upcoming dates and locations. Plus, learn more about LMN's recent updates. 

LMN Updates

There have been a series of updates from LMN over the last few weeks. Please read below from newest releases starting the week of November 4, 2019:


  • Added major lunch improvements - you can easily specify different lunch times for staff and you can clearly see (on the EDIT STAFF screen) exactly when and for how long each staff took lunch.
  • Additional admins can now edit services and materials for timesheets that are IN REVIEW, SUBMITTED and APPROVED.
  • Fixed rounding on times where 7:00 - 7:30 would show 29 or 31 min.  Note this was actually super-accurate as it counted seconds but was removed to eliminate confusion.
  • Additional admins and foreman can now submit timesheets with only absent employees and no tasks.

Schedule Review

  • Added ability to print reports of this screen
  • Fixed - Multi-select delete issue (where it wouldn't work in some cases)
  • Fixed - Overdue days calculation issue (in some cases where it miscalculated)
  • Fixed - issue where setting a Visit to a status of Started on the Overdue view of this screen was setting the last modified user to UNKNOWN

Job Groups

  • Added map button so you can print your route

Job Screen

  • Added copy button - now auto-renames job based on Customer Name
  • Auto Address lookup now defaults to US/Canada based on Company Account address
  • History and Photos tab:  Added total man hours per visit
  • Added users without permission to Settings can now add Services and Materials to jobs
  • Added an UPDATE JOB ADDRESS action menu item to auto-update job addresses with the latest info from CRM
  • Added changing an invoice date in invoice schedule activates the save button
  • Added short name field - now locks after max characters are reached
  • Fixed issue where Default Tasks weren't being added when importing estimates

As of October 29, 2019, the LMN Time App was updated. It's very important to have your foremen relaunch their app by forcing a close to see the newest version of the app.

  1. Log out of the app.
  2. Force close the app.
  3. Relaunch the app and log back in. 

Also, as of October 26, there have been two areas of noticeable improvement in the software:

The LMN Budget & Estimate improvements are as follows:

  • One Login, One System
    If you have access to Estimates and Time, you can now easily switch between LMN Estimate and LMN Time with the click of a tab – no additional logins required!
  • New Look and Feel
    You'll now see updated icons and screen colors – the same great screens you love, with a new look and feel!
  • New Feature: Estimating Dashboard
    The new Estimating Dashboard will allow you to report on the following by preferred date range:
    • New Leads
    • New Clients
    • New To-Dos
    • New Communication Notes
    • Your estimate revenue split by Status
    • Your Urgent To-Dos which have not been completed to-date
    • Your LMN Referral Code
  • New Feature: Export to Time
    Standard and Service Estimates can now be exported to Time directly from the Estimate's Customer Info tab! As soon as you flip the estimate to a "sold" status, you can now click the Export to Time button, which will direct you to the LMN Job Import screen where you can finish your Import to time.

If you'd like help understanding these changes, please contact your Franchise Business Coach.

2019 Regional Meeting Information

Regional meetings are in full swing! Please register today to reserve your spot. Registration links can be found on Facebook under "Announcements."

Northwest Region, Spokane, WA, November 6-7
Ohio Valley Region, TBD, November 19-20
Southeast Region (1), Memphis, November 19-20
Mid-Atlantic Region/NE Region, Ridley Park, PA, December 3-4
Midwest Region, TBD, December 3-4
Southeast Region (2), Orlando, FL, December 3-4


Dianna Worthington, Director of Training, Neighborly

Dianna Worthington, Director of Training, Neighborly

Dianna is Director of Training at Neighborly. To reach her, email dianna.worthington@nbly.com.



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