Operations Update: The Law of the Big Mo

Times change and technology moves forward, too. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, wisely said, “change is the only constant in life."  How, in the age of rapid change, do we create solid, healthy momentum in our business?

How do we provide a culture of acceptance to change and ensure buy-in from our people? Leadership. We learned at Reunion that everything rests on leadership and, when leading a company, leaders must forever invest in themselves to learn, grow and share knowledge with their people.

John Maxwell, leadership guru extraordinaire, has published numerous books on the topic. My favorite, The 21 Laws of Leadership, contains a law that is easily missed in the chaos of change. It is the "Law of the Big Mo." Maxwell claims momentum is a leader’s best friend and is often the only thing that makes a difference between winning and losing. With momentum on your side, obstacles appear small. Here are the main points concerning the Law of the Big Mo:

  • First, momentum is the great exaggerator. It makes tings look bigger than they really are. Success is exaggerated by momentum. When you have momentum, you don’t worry about small problems, and many larger ones seem to work themselves out.
  • Second, momentum makes leaders look better than they are. When leaders have momentum on their side, people think they’re geniuses.
  • Third, momentum helps followers perform beyond their actual abilities. When there is momentum, people are motivated to perform at higher levels.
  • Fourth, momentum is easier to steer than to start. Getting started is a struggle, but once you’re moving forward, you can really start to do some amazing things.
  • Fifth, momentum is the most powerful agent of change. Given enough momentum, nearly any kind of change is possible, because people like to get on a winning bandwagon.
  • Sixth, momentum is the leader’s responsibility. Creating momentum requires someone who has vision, who can assemble a good team, and who can motivate others.
  • Seventh, momentum begins inside the leader. It starts with his vision, passion and enthusiasm, and spreads from there.

From my perspective, we have been building leadership momentum since Reunion. The engagement and powerful responses to our Reunion meeting sessions have elicited more aggressive budgets across the brand. There's been a renewed energy to embrace the learning and implementation of GGPro. There's been an excitement growing as we near our annual Regional Meetings. Don’t be left behind. If you haven’t found your “Mo,” talk to your Business Coach and other franchisees, attend Regional Meetings this year and above all – energize your team and create a positive culture toward growth and change.

2019 Regional Meeting Information

Canada East Region, Orangeville, ON, October 9-10
South Central Region,  Waco, TX,  October 30-31
Northwest Region, Spokane, WA, November 6-7
Ohio Valley Region, TBD, November 19-20
Southeast Region (1), Memphis,  November 19-20
Mid-Atlantic Region/NE Region, Ridley Park, PA, December 3-4
Midwest Region, TBD, December 3-4
Southeast Region (2), Orlando, FL, December 3-4


Dianna Worthington, Director of Training, Neighborly

Dianna Worthington, Director of Training, Neighborly

Dianna is Director of Training at Neighborly. To reach her, email dianna.worthington@nbly.com.



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