Franchisee Spotlight: Dave Winter

by Dianna Worthington on July 5, 2017

This month's spotlight includes a Q&A interview with The Grounds Guys of The Greater Rutland Area Franchisee Dave Winter.

Dave Winter opened his business in October 2012 and has diligently followed The Grounds Guys system. He has grown his business and was excited to be asked to share his thoughts on succeeding in this industry. 

1. What was your initial motivation to purchase a The Grounds Guys Franchise? Or, your “Why?”

Dave: Prior to franchising with The Grounds Guys, about 75% of my lawn care business included landscape construction. That mix was just too high - especially during a time when people didn’t have money to spend. I needed to grow my maintenance service, which had plateaued as we only added a few new customers to make up for losing a few customers. I wanted to grow my company, but wasn't able to meet my goals. I had many conversations about converting to The Grounds Guys with Adam Rogers for almost a year before I gave it serious thought and made the change.

2. What has been your favorite part of being a franchisee in this business?

Dave: Learning what I didn’t know from Dave Holmes, my franchise consultant and growing my sales numbers. I also have enjoyed meeting franchisees and completed my phase two training with Dan Ried - it was amazing to get to know him and have the opportunity to hang out during our training.

3. What do you believe are the most important characteristics of a successful GUY Franchisee?

Dave: To remain calm during the storm, stay a doer and focused on being solution oriented toward any problems. 

4. What are your keys to business success and personal success?

Dave: Regular communications with Dave Holmes! I have learned more from Dave in the last two years then I did the first 16 years I was in business on my own. I thought that because I had a college degree, some common sense, and nine years of experience that I should be able to run a landscaping business. I was wrong! Growing sales, using all the tools available and keeping a steady hand are keys to succeeding.

5. What advice would you offer to GUY Zees with less than five years in the GUY network?

Dave: Use all the resources  available to you - especially your franchise consultant! Don’t spend money on things that are extra or not needed often. Learn how to look at your business's numbers, look at them often and talk to your franchise consultant about how to continue what's working and improve what isn't. 

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