President's Message: Franchise Business Review Survey Results

Happy Holidays, Grounds Guys! Thank you so much to everyone who spent their time completing the Franchise Business Review (FBR) surveys last month.

These surveys are truly an investment into our brand. We are spending a ton of time reviewing and understanding the feedback you provided. This is critical information for us, and I’ve committed to reviewing every single comment. Your feedback is absolutely going to make this brand better. I believe one our collective goals should be to improve The Grounds Guys to the point that we become a benchmark brand for the FBR. And, I believe we can do it!

I’m pleased to report we had an increased level of participation this year and The Grounds Guys scores improved in every category versus the prior year. As a result, we saw some of the biggest improvements among all the brands at Neighborly. That being said, the most valuable information for me has been the feedback about how we can improve our system for franchise owners.

We can make big strides in 2021 by taking action to improve the areas where we didn’t score as well as we’d like. The list below contains a few areas that stood out to me and that we are going to dig into improving in a very clear and proactive way in 2021:

  1. Training
  2. Effective Technology
  3. Franchise Owner Involvement in Brand Direction
  4. Franchise Owner Engagement
  5. Financial Success

While I don’t usually condone trying to affect change in this many areas at once, I believe there are some basic synergies between these categories. Additionally, we already have some plans for initiatives in a few of these areas for 2021. Please feel free to reach out to me or to your FBC with any ideas you may have for improving the categories on this list.

We will plan to discuss these topics in more detail in the first quarter. Until then, please have a relaxing and refreshing holiday season. We have a lot to accomplish in 2021!!!

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