President's Message: The Power of Focused Energy

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, said, “The power of the sun’s rays do not burn until brought into focus.” I love this saying, because it illustrates the power of focused energy.

As most of you know, we have dedicated the month of September to focusing our energy on getting The Grounds Guys franchisees fully trained on and utilizing GGPro.

While we have seen some extremely committed franchisees learn and implement GGPro over the past few years, I would generally summarize our brand as having “one foot in and one foot out” regarding our commitment on GGPro. This "middle of the road" status has left the brand distracted by this implementation for far too long. Instead of our coaches helping our franchisees grow their businesses and tackle strategic issues, they are bogged down with one-on-one GGPro training and prodding. The reality is, we will continue to be distracted until we get this critical tool fully implemented.

We announced at Reunion that the month of September would be focused on getting franchisees well trained and onto the system. As part of this commitment, our FBCs are leading 10, in-person GGPro trainings throughout the month (nine field-based and one Waco-based). The first week of trainings went well, with 30 people trained across three locations. We are expecting to see 60 additional attendees trained over the next three weeks, for a total of 90 people trained in the field during the month of September!

If you have not already signed up for one of these trainings, it’s not too late. Please click HERE to view a list of the remaining trainings. With the September deadline for full GGPro adoption and utilization looming (September 30, 2019), please make every effort to be part of the solution for The Grounds Guys brand.

Finally, I ask for your patience and understanding for our FBC team this month. This team is committed to responding to each franchisee need that comes up throughout the remainder of the month, but please keep in mind that your FBC may be leading some of these GGPro training sessions and this will cause a delay in their response. Please know this team is all-in on supporting The Grounds Guys franchisees!

Let’s make September 2019 the month that The Grounds Guys turned the corner on GGPro! We look forward to seeing you at training!

Josh Sevick
President, The Grounds Guys

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