ProTradeNet Update: July 2018

This month’s ProTradeNet Update is all about saving you money! Find out how to save on credit card processing fees, rental equipment, branded apparel and much more!  

Think Outside the Square (U.S. and Canada)

You might think payment processors like Square and Stripe are cheaper than traditional credit card processors, but you’ll spend more money in the long run. Check out our blog for three reasons why merchant account vendors — such as CardConnect Pro and Worldpay — are better suited for your business.

Put PTN to the Test (U.S. and Canada)

If you find a better price with a non-PTN vendor, contact Jennifer Dawson! We’ll go back to our vendors and see if they can match or even beat that price. PTN doesn’t just think about the group. We go to bat for you on the individual level, too, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure our program stays competitive.

Your Source for Landscape Reno Rental Equipment (U.S. and Canada)

Backed by a network of more than 725 locations, Sunbelt Rentals is your source for dependable, landscape renovation and construction rental equipment. Renting is the cost-effective, efficient solution for all your outdoor projects, including irrigation, landscaping and turf reduction. Along with a full line of equipment, it offers a growing list of benefits to our customers, including 24/7 service and support, online account management, on-time deliveries and more. Stop by any of Sunbelt Rentals’ locations nationwide to rent the equipment you need. Contact them at: (800) 508-4760 or

Save 7 cents per litre at Esso! (Canada Only)

Save 7 cents per litre through Jan. 31, 2019, then save 3.4 cents per litre with the Esso Business Card! Experience exceptional fuel savings, powerful and easy-to-use fuel management tools and broad acceptance at more than 1,800 Esso stations, Canada's largest retail network. To learn more about Savings4Members Canadian programs, click here or call 844-346-3746.

New Vendor

OnPoint – GPS Tracking (Now available in Canada!)

Darter’s Summer Sale (U.S. and Canada)

Free shipping on all orders with Darter Specialties. Sale ends July 13, 2018. Order now at

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Kathleen Seaman, Communications Specialist

Kathleen Seaman, Communications Specialist

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