Second Quarter's Marketing Update & Style Guide

by Natalie Walker on August 6, 2018

I'm pleased to share The Grounds Guys' Second Quarterly Business Update with all of you. This presentation outlines 2018's second quarter (April, May, June) performance of the national Marketing, Advertising & Promotions (MAP) Fund. We also have the newly completed style guide for The Grounds Guys. 

Second Quarter QBU_GUYSecond Quarterly Marketing Update (click here to open the .pdf file)

In 2018, our national marketing high-level goals include: 

  • Improve Website Health & Organic Growth
  • Improve Online Reputation
  • Influence Local Marketing Results
  • Improve YOY CRM Results
  • Drive Neighborly Adoption
  • Assess, Refine, Create Brand Materials
  • Understand Our Customers

Please spend five minutes to open and download the second quarter marketing update and learn all about The Ground Guys' 2018 second quarter website traffic, leads, Neighborly/Neighbourly and much more! 

2018 Brand Style Guide with Uniform Handbook (click the link to view the .pdf)style guide

The Brand Style Guide with Uniform Handbook illustrates our brand identity and is a crucial guide to maintain a strong brand presence across all Grounds Guys locations. Always follow this guide when working with your vehicle decals, creative assets, and uniforms. Careful use of the logo and other supporting graphics help unify and establish a strong brand identity and better define our brand promise to our customers. This document contains the rules to follow for the implementation of our identity system.

Steps to maintaining our required, brand consistency include:

1. Use PTN vendors for your vehicle decals. If you’d like to work with a local vendor of your choosing, there is an approval process in place to ensure our style guidelines are always followed. Reach out to Brand Manager, Natalie Walker, to proceed and/or with any questions:

2. Access all creative materials on our new Ad Depot platform. We no longer are processing piece by piece creative requests, rather we have uploaded over 300 assets to this easy to use and price competitive platform. It offers no cost fast shipping and functionality to customize every piece. This is under the *Single Sign-On links* (link) within FranConnect. Need help? Contact Zoe Margetts, Sure Start Coordinator:

3. Order your apparel items through our PTN Network of providers. Questions? Reach out to Jennifer Dawson for assistance:

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