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This month, the Neighborly Team continues to highlight the great things franchisees are doing together in their local markets. Our focus returns to Jacksonville where The Neighborly Project recently completed. And then, we put a spotlight on San Antonio, where two franchisees have been leading a great business referral program for the past nine years.

The Neighborly Project – Local Jacksonville Franchisees in the News

“What a great experience!” This is what many of the franchisees and technicians from seven Dwyer Group brands said to me when we were filming at the home of Robert and Amber Hearman earlier this month.

Fittingly, project work kicked off on Flag Day, June 14, with Father’s Day just around the corner. Local media outlets picked up the story and highlighted the tremendous impact Neighborly franchisees made on the Hearman family. Check out the stories here:

Neighborly service providers delivered improvements valuing nearly $20,000. These included fence repairs, glass sliding door replacement, window replacement, interior cleaning and organization, paint touch-ups, kitchen and bathroom plumbing repairs and fixtures, appliance repairs, exterior power washing, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and customized shelving.

If you haven’t already, register to attend Reunion where you’ll experience the big reveal showcasing the powerful story of our franchisees and The Neighborly Project!

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Cross-Marketing Best Practice: Technician Referrals

Recently, we took some time to meet with over 17 franchisees in San Antonio to learn how they lead cross-marketing groups. Mr. Appliance’s Paul Berry and Mr. Electric’s Doug Thornton shared some insights on how to encourage technicians to get in the game.

Their group started years ago because of the efforts of a former Mr. Rooter Plumbing owner. Berry told us it all began with a question, “We asked why we weren’t enabling our technicians to market and recommend each other’s companies.” He then said, “We discovered if each technician gave one referral each week for 52 weeks, it would generate over one million dollars in additional revenue, without spending a dime.”

Since then, Berry and Thornton have shared responsibilities leading the group, with Berry acting as moderator and Thornton managing marketing activities and budget.

Thornton shared, “The key is to communicate value to the group early on, gain commitment, and agree to continue working together, especially when we may not always agree on how resources would be distributed.”

I’d like to share some other insights that came out of our conversations. Here are six best practices franchisees should think about to create and build a local cross-marketing group:

  1. Reach out to one another. Start off by searching for other owners in your area using the Find-a-Neighbor tool using your FranConnect single sign-on.
  2. Appoint a group leader. If no one else is stepping forward, that person could be you!
  3. Build trust by meeting regularly. Schedule monthly or quarterly meetings where franchisees and their technicians can come together. These may be focused on aligning around business initiatives. Or, they might simply be moments to socialize and get to know one another.
  4. Learn about the other brands. The Dwyer Group All Services Sheet is a great starting point. Reach out to your Local Marketing Specialist to have this sheet tailored to your local market. Also, at your group meetings, invite different brands to spend 20 minutes sharing about their businesses and team members.
  5. Encourage technicians to refer cross-brand business. On-the-spot referrals can be some of the most effective, trustworthy referrals your customers will ever get. For example, if a Mr. Appliance technician notices rotted drywall on a job, connecting the customer to the local Mr. Handyman right away can lead to huge wins. This is true for any cross-brand referral. Technicians should not only mention the other brand’s technician to the customer by name, but also make a call right then and there before leaving the customer’s home.
  6. Find ways to incentivize referrals. The group in San Antonio gets commitment from every owner to provide a monetary incentive for each referral that results in a completed job. Franchisee select either a flat rate or a percentage of revenue earned. Incentives don’t have to be monetary, however. Be sure to present them to technicians in front of the whole team. That way everyone sees just how important this practice is.

Join us at Reunion 2018

Join us in September for Neighborly: Local Partnerships for Bigger Impact to hear from franchise owners from who made Neighborly a key part of their success. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, learn best practices, and get to know other franchisees working to build partnerships in their local markets.

Let us know what questions you have. Send us your feedback by clicking this link.

Boost Neighborly marketing with these three steps

  1. Vehicle Decals: Use the Neighborly/Neighbourly vehicle decals.
  2. Magnets/Leave-behinds: Replace current magnets and leave-behinds with the new Neighborly materials. For more information on magnets, click here.
  3. Emails: Ensure you and your team collect accurate customer data.
The Neighborly team is intensely focused on supporting franchisees in reaching more customers. Feel free to send any questions or concerns to us at

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Derrick Biggs, Brand Manager, Neighborly

Derrick Biggs, Brand Manager, Neighborly

Derrick is the brand manager for Neighborly. He is a former Captain in the US Air Force and holds a brand and marketing strategy MBA from the University of Minnesota. His experience spans over 16 years in leadership, marketing, operations innovation, and customer service.



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