Team Up with Fellow Neighborly Brands to Do More

As we gear up for Reunion and prepare to “Get in the Game,” we’re highlighting best practices for reaching out to other Neighborly service brands at the local level. Take a peek to view these tips... all provided by your fellow franchisees!

Trust is Key: Tips from Franchise Owners

MRR Jacksonville image_NBLY

Linda Davis (Mr. Appliance of the First Coast) and Andy Kazsamer (Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Jacksonville)

We’ve supported enough cross-brand initiatives to know that trust between franchisees is vital to local market success. You’ve probably thought, “When I refer someone, I want to know that other brands will serve my customers as well as I do.” Here are tips from franchise owners who have made working with other Neighborly brands part of their success:

  • Build rapport. Learn about other franchise owners before pursuing referrals or co-branded marketing. Reaching out, even if it’s to just one other person, is a great start. Grab lunch or meet over coffee to better understand your neighbor’s presence in the community and how they work best.
  • Structure meetings for learning. An owner of The Grounds Guys in Washington mentioned, “We start our meetings with individual announcements. Then, one franchise owner will present on their business for about 20 minutes. We end with talking about cross-marketing strategy during the last half hour.” This structure allows franchisees to share best practices on anything from service delivery to office management.
  • Include your technicians. As one Mr.  Electric owner in Texas said, “Meeting regularly with other franchise owners and their employees is important.” His group hosts breakfasts at different times of the year that are open to both owners and technicians. “It’s a great time to socialize and conduct training, and our people get to know each other very well.”
  • Let your habits show your trustworthiness. A Window Genie owner in Florida told us, “If I can prove my character to other franchisees, they can trust my reputation to their customers. By showing up on time to every one of our meetings, they know I’m serious about this.” He also seeks opportunities to be mentored by other franchisees to help with hiring methods, scheduling habits, and training practices.
  • Clear the air. Building relationships comes with its hiccups, and sometimes there are trust barriers you can’t seem to overcome. When this happens, a Mr. Rooter Plumbing owner in Tennessee shared what works for him, saying, “Listen to people. Allow folks to air grievances without threat of retribution, and then talk through causes and solutions for disagreements.”
  • Reach out to individual franchise owners. Sometimes it’s tough to get together as a group on a regular basis. This hasn’t stopped a Mr. Handyman owner in Florida. “I like to call or visit different franchisees one-on-one. It builds ongoing relationships, helps them know what’s going on with other brands, and keeps me top-of-mind for business referrals.”
  • Communicate often. A Five Star Painting owner in Oklahoma said, “Share information with other franchisees, even if they’re not actively communicating with you.” You never know when another owner might want to partner with you, and regular communication helps maintain good rapport.

Do you have a tip for encouraging local cross-marketing relationships? We’d love to hear from you! Send your thoughts to

Attend the Neighborly Workshop at Reunion

Join us for Neighborly: Local Partnerships for Bigger Impact for a Q&A panel featuring franchise owners who made Neighborly a key part of their success.

  • Session 1: Sunday, September 16
    Part of the Lifestyle Enhancement Series
    1 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
    Location: Grapevine C
  • Session 2: Monday, September 17th
    2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    Location: Escondido 2 & 3 – Vineyard Tower

Boost Neighborly Marketing in Three Steps

  1. Vehicle Decals: Place Neighborly/Neighbourly decals on your existing service vehicles.
  2. Magnets/Leave-behinds: Replace current magnets and leave-behinds with the new Neighborly materials. For more information on magnets, click here.
  3. Emails: Ensure you and your team collect accurate customer data.

The Neighborly team is intensely focused on supporting franchisees in reaching more customers. Feel free to send any questions or concerns to us at

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Derrick Biggs, Brand Manager, Neighborly

Derrick Biggs, Brand Manager, Neighborly

Derrick is the brand manager for Neighborly. He is a former Captain in the US Air Force and holds a brand and marketing strategy MBA from the University of Minnesota. His experience spans over 16 years in leadership, marketing, operations innovation, and customer service.



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