The Culture of Safety Webinar Recap & Recording

by Dave Holmes on September 1, 2017

During August, the Operations webinar featured “The Culture of Safety.” Franchise Consultant Linda Miller facilitated this session and highlighted the need for franchise owners’ commitment to safety in their local businesses.

As owners and leaders, it is your responsibility to influence a safe work environment and safe work habits.  Linda shared information from The Grounds Guys’ Safety Manual which are required for each business to have by OSHA and CCOHS. She discussed The Grounds Guys’ Safety First Program and how you can use it to influence a Culture of Safety in your workplace. 

Watch the webinar recording to find out about resources for safety policies and procedure recommendations for your business, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear to protect your employees from injury and death. Other lessons discussed are the most common work-related injuries as well as Franchisee Fain Dalton sharing his experience with an accident his crew sustained this year.

To round out this webinar, Linda shared common work-related injuries and stories of actual incidents.  Linda turned things over to Fain Dalton who shared his personal experience with an accident his crew had this year. He showed pictures of the incident and discussed how important it is to pay attention at all times.

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