Zees for Zees Nominations Due by August 10

by Dianna Worthington on August 6, 2018

We believe Reunion is that MUST-attend event and all franchisees should do their very best to attend. The information and training presented by Dwyer Group at the General Session as well as at The Grounds Guys' meetings are both critical to our collective forward progress and for your business growth. As such, we believe helping owners who cannot afford to attend is important and we raise money during our annual Zees 4 Zees auction. 

Zees 4 Zees provides a resource to owners who meet the Zees 4 Zees Fund's bylaw guidelines. The deadline to submit a nomination is August 10, and funding is limited. Please contact your franchise consultant if you qualify, and would appreciate assistance in attending this year’s Reunion.

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Dianna Worthington

Dianna Worthington

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